What is a Solar EPC Company and What Services Does It Offer?

What is Solar EPC

EPC in the solar industry means engineering, procurement, and construction. It is a term that is widely used by companies that provide end-to-end solar energy services, including designing the system, giving procurement details about the system, and installing it.

Besides, after delivering the functional solar system to you, solar EPC companies continue to perform regular checks and continuous maintenance to ensure your solar system works at optimum efficiency.

Breaking Down the Solar EPC Company

A solar EPC company is more sophisticated, professional, and reliable than a typical installation company. Their services are more advanced using state of the art technology, providing you with a solar system, which is undoubtedly a long term investment.

The services offered by an EPC solar company that assures you a maximum return on investment include:

Detailed Solar Engineering Design 

The design is customized in a way that suits your dream solar system while not limiting your budget. At this particular stage, the processes involved are:

  • Analyze the client’s requirements and the proposed solar system
  • Perform a site survey to check the viability of the solar system
  • Monitor the prevailing weather conditions
  • Determine the best structural design and maximum power generation capacity
  • Selecting the equipment to use and making a 3D model of the solar system

Procurement of Solar Equipment

Professional and high-end companies get the quality equipment from the best manufacturing companies freeing you the hassle of getting the right supplier. A quality solar EPC company will negotiate with the major manufacturers to lock in competitive pricing and comprehensive warranty terms. 

Solar Panel Construction

This is the last stage of the process, and the activity involves mounting the solar panels, accessories, and installing grid connectivity along with solar implementation in line with your existing power supply system.

After installation, the solar EPC company will offer after-sale services like maintaining your system through equipment monitoring and maintenance.

When working with a licensed solar EPC company, all the services are under one contract for the entire project. This means that you only have one bill to pay, and you don’t have to outsource for any services involved in your system’s construction. This means you are assured of peace of mind because you only have one point of contact throughout the entire project.

For more information about solar EPC companies, don’t hesitate to contact us, and our team of professional IL solar installers will be happy to help.

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