Rethink Electric is a TOP Solar Contractor in Illinois

Rethink Electric rated top solar contractor in Illinois

Here at Rethink Electric we have been going strong for 6 years now. And people are noticing. So much so that Solar Power World rated us #3 in the state of Illinois for kilowatts installed in 2019.  They consider us a top solar contractor. Coming from them, it’s the highest praise in the industry. Our skilled solar installers provide only the most professional solar installation in Illinois. But it’s rewarding & humbling to get noticed for it. We work hard every day and continually strive as a team to provide safe, quality, and efficiency throughout Illinois.

More Megawatts! More Solar Contractors!

Concerning top solar contractors in Illinois (and throughout the country). They have installed more megawatts of solar in the United States than ever before. We represent an industry that is determined to turn the American electrical grid towards the sun and renewable energy. Away from the old, traditional methods of dirty fossil fuels and big oil.

In addition, the entire solar industry has grown rapidly in Illinois and all over the country. Especially in the past decade. Rethink Electric will always strive to help the industry and world continue to grow. Into the clean future we all deserve.

Who is Solar Power World?

Solar Power World is a brand of WTWH Media and headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Considered the premier media outlet for the U.S. solar market since 2011. Overall they provide information & tips for the technology, design, development and installation of solar power and its projects throughout the US. Subsequently, they have successfully captured the largest solar contractor, installer & developer audience in the industry. Their mission is to help solar contractors, installers, EPCs and developers grow their business and do their jobs better.

The Industry Source

The award winning Solar Power World website produces:

  • Online news content
  • Weekly e-newsletters
  • Bi-monthly print magazines
  • Regular webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Solar related videos

Furthermore, they have the largest engaged online audience of any solar industry magazine. Solar Panel World’s annual ‘Top Solar Contractors’ list is the most recognized listing of solar companies in the United States. We are proud to be at the top of the list for Illinois for 2019!

Passionate Solar Contractors at Rethink Electric

Rethink Electric has put together a superior team of certified solar contractors. 100% dedicated to rethinking the way electrical power is delivered throughout the Chicago, Illinois suburbs. Above all, we ONLY do the job right for residential solar panels, commercial solar installations, and utility projects of any scope. Resulting in a passion for solar installation that is engineered and built to exceed your expectations!

Reside in Illinois and want to get rid of your ComEd bill? Feel free to reach out to us today. Remember, we are at the TOP of the list for Solar Contractors in Illinois so you can have the confidence we can handle the job properly and safely.

In conclusion, take control of your energy, save money, and increase the value of your property. Get in touch with the solar contractors at Rethink Electric to start the process today!

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