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Solar Energy Services

We would love to bring our solar panel installation experience to your project.

Commercial Statement of Qualifications

EPC Services

Residential, Commercial and Industrial solar applications are growing fast in Illinois.  We are here to fill your post-sale needs.  Our solar EPC (Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) division has the expertise you need to meet budgets and timelines.  There is no room for error in high level installations. The solar contractors at Rethink Electric will provide the professional resources and regional fluency to complete your rooftop or ground mount solar projects with ease.  We are your local Distributed Generation (DG) installer.

O&M Services

Our solar panel installation customers rely on us to ensure their PV systems perform at their potential without interruption. Rethink’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) packages mitigate your risk, and guarantee your return on investment for decades. Get details on all of our solar panel maintenance services.

Solar Commissioning

Offering third party system verification, Rethink Electric can inspect your solar project to verify that it will generate what its specified to produce. Solar Commissioning is critical in knowing that what you purchased will operate as expected. With our design optimization services optimizing your solar installation is the best way to ‘get what you paid for’.

Legal Services

Let our solar legal experts help protect your investment.  Our experienced NABCEP certified team can assist in protecting your assets from low quality installations to contractural breeches.

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