COVID-19 Solar Panel Regulations & Jobsite Requirements

Solar Panel Regulations for Covid-19 - Rethink Electric

The news with COVID-19 is evolving and new information is coming to light on a daily basis. Our provided workplace guidelines are based on currently available information. Intended to keep our workers and customers as safe as possible.  If and when new info and solar panel regulations becomes available. We will further improve safety and these guidelines will be updated!

Employee Responsibilities | Before Work

Before starting their shift, our Rethink people screen themselves for good health. Employees need to be under a 99 F degree temperature before work begins! If any cold or flu-like symptoms are present, employees are to stay at home. If they ignore this rule and come in to work, they will be sent home. Our people are to report any COVID-19 related illness in the household. And to self-quarantine if they have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19.

Our drivers cannot maintain 6’ social distancing in a vehicle, therefore there will be no more carpooling!

Employee Responsibilities | On the Job

  • Our employees will maintain social distancing of 6’ at all times with coworkers and customers.
  • We practice good hygiene. Coughing or sneezing into armpit, washing hands prior to work & eating, and no touching of the face.
  • We strongly urge our people to pack their own lunch. If they do leave the jobsite they cannot carpool.
  • When one of our Rethink employees arrives at your home, we’ll call the customer. No more knocking on the door. Our crew will be maintaining social distancing throughout the project.
  • Whenever necessary, only one employee should enter your home. Ideally this would be our lead/electrician with your project.
  • Employees do not share small hand tools. All installers must have their own tools.
  • Power tools will be separately assigned (per day or shift).
  • At the end of each shift, shared tools are cleaned. Or prior to reassignment to another installer.
  • We regularly clean handles of work trucks, job boxes, lifts, etc. Anything considered to be a busy point of contact throughout the work day.

Rethink Electric Solar Panel Regulations & Support

Rethink Electric will be doing our best to keep teams supplied with as many basic sanitary items as possible. With hospitals in desperate need of gloves and masks these are currently in short supply. We may reserve masks for our employees working in homes where the customer requests it. Or if there is potentially harmful particulate in the air such as in an attic or basement. To minimize power tool sharing, additional tools will be provided when possible.

By following these guidelines and requirements we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The key to success is that we all work together to ensure these rules are implemented. 

If you have any questions concerning our required safety procedures, solar panel regulations, or how we handle working during the COVID-19 pandemic please don’t hesitate to reach us via phone at 630-747-4587 or by using our contact form located here.

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