Rethink Electric is a Sure Shot for Solar in Illinois

Licensed to Rethink Electric with Home Solar Panels

Gotta Lighten Up…

Hey Ladies. Girls. Grab your tough guy. Stand together. Rethink the way you electrify. Fight for your right for a cheaper power bill. Make some noise and shake your rump for solar. Get that body movin’ and hold it now, hit it!


Watch our video above! The residents at this home in Winfield were sick of their electricity bill and decided somethings got to give. Their energy usage was slow and low but it wasn’t reflecting in the monthly bill. It was enough to give anyone a heart attack, man. They decided it was time to lighten up and kick it root down with the solar experts at Rethink Electric with a 14.4 kW system.

ComEd got you feelin’ like your looking down the barrel of a gun? Rethink Electric can help you sabotage your relationship with your electricity bill forever.

Hello Nasty

Require some ill communication? Get it together and contact us today. We are located in Wood Dale across from Paul’s Boutique and we are fully licensed to ill.


Renewable energy is the new style. The intergalactic solar rays are finger lickin good. Maybe go off the grid and harness the sounds of science? Transitions are tough, but It’s time to get ill.

So what-cha, what-cha, waiting for? Check your head, funky boss. Ch-check it out and pass the mic to Rethink Electric today!

Bonus Testimonial:

“Here’s a little something for ya…Rethink Electric has the skills to pay the bills. I consider them to be the grand royal of solar in Illinois. So just do it. Call them today.” – Jimmy James

Special thanks to the Beastie Boys for making this blog post possible.

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