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Commonwealth Edison customers will be paying more this summer to keeping their air conditioners humming. ComEd's power price beginning June 1, which the utility filed yesterday with state regulators, will be 9 percent higher than it is now. The current charge of 6.32 cents per kilowatt-hour is going up to 6.89 cents.

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A stretch of sunny, windy days, combined with brimming reservoirs at hydroelectric plants across the state, helped California reach a renewable energy milestone last weekend.

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Tesla recently announced pricing for their new solar roof product, a roof replacement for your home. The new solution requires that you replace your existing roof with Tesla’s blend of non-solar glass tiles and solar-enabled glass tiles. It is an elegant new product, designed with great aesthetics.  But the question is ultimately does installing this new roof make financial sense for your home?

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Students at Mark DeLay Elementary School held a Solar-Bration to celebrate the four new solar panels that were donated to the school. Electrician Mike Nicolosi, from Rethink Electric, was also on hand to answer questions about the panels.

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Last month, Gov. Rauner signed into law the Future Energy Jobs Bill, a historic action that will help Illinois address climate change. The bill is a hallmark of cooperation in a divided state. As an owner of Rethink Electric, a solar power company based in Geneva, I am strongly supportive of the bill. I for one am happy to see that our energy future is indeed bright once again in Illinois.

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The people of Illinois want clean energy options — and my company, along with many others across the state, provides this service. This competition is precisely the reason that Exelon and ComEd are trying to stop us.

Net metering creates jobs and furthers the state’s clean energy leadership. I urge Illinois lawmakers to continue paving the way.

Mike Nicolosi, CEO and founder,
Rethink Electric, Chicago

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As more Americans are switching to sun powered energy for their home, the solar energy installation industry is growing to keep pace. How are you supposed to differentiate the quality installer from the deceptive contractor?

The most important tool homeowners can utilize to protect themselves is education. As with any home improvement, the more you know about what is being done, the more you can watch for warning signs. The following is some initial information to help get you started.

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