Solar Panel Maintenance Services

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O&M | Solar Support Services

We offer custom Operations and Maintenance (O&M) packages to suit all needs for any size system to make sure your PV project never sees an interruption and is producing to its potential. Professional solar panel maintenance is our specialty!

Routine Maintenance

Our solar panel maintenance visits & subscriptions provide peace of mind that your solar investment is protected and secured for ongoing revenue generation.

Rethink Electric engineers perform a thorough checklist and final report that will give you the reassurance that your system is producing at or above its designed potential. Our solar panel maintenance services keeps your system running smooth.

Electrical and Solar Panel Boxes
On-going solar operations, monitoring, and performance

Operations Performance

With our monitoring services, our system performance team will know if something is not operating at its potential.  With ongoing performance reports we can detect issues before they really impact your system’s generation.  With remote supervision, our support team can troubleshoot and eliminate many problems without even having to drive to the site.  We will look after your interests so you can stay focused on your business.

Popular Services

  • Performance Verification
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Structural Analysis
  • Emergency Response
  • Vegetation Management
  • Insurance Support
  • Repair / Rebuild Solar Installations
  • Snow Removal
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Commissioning / Recommissioning

Our solar support team is ready to develop a custom package for your sites needs for now and long into the future.  Let Rethink Electric Solar provide your investment with the operations and maintenance support you need to make sure it is generating long into the future.

Overgrowth and vegetation removal services