EPC in Illinois

Engineering. Procurement. Construction.

The demand for solar installations in Illinois is growing rapidly. Rethink Electric is your local, experienced installer that will provide quality services on a reliable timeline. Our company offers customizable engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) package to meet your projects needs.

Whether residential to commercial, rooftop to ground mount projects, we have the experience and expertise to get your project permitted, built and interconnected. Our team has been installing solar since 2005. Our experience in the Illinois market will provide you with the best solution.

Exceptional Engineering

Our team of NABCEP Certified Installation ProfessionalsTM and electrical and structural engineers will design your system for optimal performance. A project's performance is crucial to the securing of state level SRECs in Illinois as well as its return on investment (ROI). The design is integral to ensuring that the long term goals are easily attainable. Ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) services guarantee that the initial performance projections are reached year after year.

Engineering Services

Project Feasibility


✓ Site assessment
✓ Project budgets
✓ Financing
✓ Regulatory work

✓ Panel layout
✓ Electrical design
✓ Structural design
✓ Performance analysis

Professional Procurement

Rethink Electric's in-house procurment team will manage your material logistics from start to finish. We will source the best materials for the best price to meet your projects needs. Our value comes in the form of negotiated master supply agreements (MSA) with the major manufacturers and locking in competitive pricing and comprehensive warranty terms for our clients.

Procurement Services

✓ Purchasing
✓ Storage

✓ Security
✓ Logistics

Quality Construction

At Rethink Electric, safety and quality are our top priorities. Our dedicated project managers provide the attention to detail required to ensure that your solar installation is delivered on time and on budget. Our installation team has the certification, training and experience to guarantee the quality and production potential to protect your solar investment.

Construction Services



✓ Permitting
✓ Interconnection/Netmetering
✓ Environmental services
✓ Site and soil investigation
✓ Project scheduling

✓ Project management
✓ Site development
✓ Foundation and racking installation
✓ Module installation
✓ DC and AC wiring installation
✓ Data Aquisition systems


✓  System Testing
✓  Startup
✓  Operation Verification
✓  Documentation

Operations and Maintenance Services

Our turnkey solutions promise means that no matter the project, we will do everything we can to make it become a reality. We work tirelessly to resolve any problems that may arise, whether it be slanted or small roof surfaces, tight work spaces or even a tight deadline.

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