Solar Commissioning - Verify your project

Commissioning Services

Large scale pv installs are large investments. It helps to know that your solar nest egg will generate what its specified to produce.  Its the ONLY way to meet your investment potential.

Rethink Electric will offer an objective analysis of your total system.  Our commissioning services include:

  • Inverter commissioning
  • Voc testing
  • DAS commissioning
  • Imp testing
  • Electrical/mechanical torque testing
  • IV curve tracing
  • NETA and VLF MV testing
  • Photographic logging
  • QA/QC inspections
  • Thermography
  • Ground fall of potential testing

Commissioning is critical in knowing that what you purchased will operate as expected. The minor expense of certifying your pv installation will more than be made up for with the peace of mind that your array is operating optimally.

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