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Solar Loan

Are you a homeowner interested in owning a solar system but in order to pay for it you require a loan? Our partner Sunlight Financial has put together a package perfect for families. For our residential solar customers who want to start saving money instantly, but who don’t have the money for a down payment.

  • $0 Down Payment
  • 100% Solar Panel Financing

For qualified customers, our financing for solar loan package includes zero down payments and 100% financing. Most customers will notice their new electric bill in conjuncture with their monthly solar payment will be LOWER than their old bill. You will quickly see the savings accumulate every month!

We believe you should own your power, so you are able to pay for your system as quickly as you wish with no penalties for early payoff. Solar panel financing may be obtained through your own sources or ours, but keep in mind Sunlight Financial are lenders who know solar.


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Own your Solar System & pay for it fully.

Perfect for homeowners & families looking to maximize their return on investment going solar. From the very first day, your new electric bill will reflect HUGE savings. You can expect cash in your pocket year after year.

  • Maximize your savings by purchasing your solar system directly from Rethink Electric.
  • Take advantage of tax-deductible (potentially) home equity loans.

Starting on day 1 you WILL see major savings when you purchase your own solar system. Over time with your electric bill savings, your new system will pay for itself.

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