Electrical Services in Illinois

Residential Electrical Services

Custom residential electrical installation solutions for homes throughout the Chicago Suburbs.

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Need Electrical Services?

EV Chargers

Whether you just bought a new Tesla, Chevy Volt, or anything else, we can install you an EV Charger for any electric vehicle on the market today.

EVs can be plugged into a typical household outlet, but a higher-voltage outlet will significantly reduce charging time.

The experts at Rethink Electric will install the proper EV charging system for your vehicle.


We’ll consult with you and size a generator for any sized home throughout the Chicago suburbs.

Whether your needs are for emergency load or critical load backups, we’ll help you keep the lights on when Com Ed isn’t able to.

Pool & Spa Electrical

Got cabin fever and bought a new swimming pool? Or perhaps you bought a new huge hot tub and you don’t know where to begin?

Rethink Electric is here to help with all of your swimming electrical needs.

Service Panel Upgrades

Recently purchase a hot tub? Did you go EV and the charging is going slower than you had anticipated?

We can upgrade your electrical service from 100 amp to 200 or 400 amp depending on your electrical needs.

Power Consumption Meters

Take command of your home’s energy usage with a professional installation of Sense.

Sense is a smart device we install into whatever electrical panel you have. It will monitor your home’s energy usage and give you a whole new perspective on your home’s energy usage. The average user saves 6-9% monthly on their electricity bill!

New Construction

Building a big garage or office shed and have some new electrical needs? 

No matter the project the certified electricians at Rethink Electric can help.

Custom Home

Building your dream home and need electrical contractors to fulfill all of your new electrical needs?

It’s time to partner up with the highly skilled and highly trained residential electrical professionals at Rethink Electric.

Home Remodeling & Additions

Adding on to your home?  Perhaps you are adding on additional rooms or a 2nd story that requires more electric.

Either way, you are expanding your foot print and require more energy. The experts at Rethink Electric can help.

Electrical Engineering

Rethink Electric can design your new electric setup in-house. We also pull and complete ALL electrical permits related to your project.

Our professional electrical engineer staff is committed to on-going training and certifications within our industry.

We can design, procure, and install any new residential electrical system.

Whole Home Rewiring

Rethink Electric can rewire your entire home and bring it up to meet strict 2020 electrical code standards.

We’ll install GFCI, Arc fault, and temper proof receptacles to keep your family safe.

Our professional electricians have the experience and knowledge to upgrade your entire home’s wiring without issue.

Code Violations Corrections

Buying a new home and it didn’t pass inspection? Selling a home and you have to get some past corrections finally completed? 

Let the professional residential electricians at Rethink Electric bring your home up to code before the big sale!

Don’t worry, we have seen it all and have the proper experience to get the issue passed with your town’s inspector.


Having any sort of electrical issues at your house? Do you require a professional & certified residential electrician?

We can troubleshoot all aspects and get your electrical working the way it should be.

You can count on the professionals at Rethink Electric to consult on all aspects of residential electric in the Chicagoland.

Lightning Protection

The only way to protect your home from lightning is with a properly designed and installed lightning protection system (LPS).

We design & install the system within the ground, your foundation, and your rooftop.

Rethink Electric can help protect you from the harsh elements of mother nature.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Rethink Electric will install a whole home surge protection equipment to prevent voltage spikes coming into your house and frying your sensitive electrical equipment.

Our electricians will install this on your main electrical panel which will protect all of the circuits in your home!

Other Electrical Services

Tell us about what your project needs are.

We can handle any custom electrical related issue or task you may have!