Residential Solar and Electrical Services

Rethink Electric can help you finally break-free from your expensive monthly power bill.

Home Solar Projects

We would love to bring our installation experience to your home. We have been installing residential solar panels in Illinois and all around the Chicago area since 2014.

See examples of our homes with solar!

Electrical Services

Custom residential electrical installation solutions for homes throughout the Chicago Suburbs

Electrical Projects

Custom residential electrical projects & installation solutions for homes, condos, and townhomes throughout the Chicago Suburbs!

How Residential Solar Works?

There are four main primary components in each solar panel home installation setup – 1/2 of which are already in your house. Read more about how solar panels work for your home.

Solar Financing

Are you a homeowner interested in owning a solar system with $0 zero down and 100% solar panel financing? Our partner Sunlight Financial has put together a package perfect for families looking to go residential solar in Illinois. Read more.

In Need of a Solar Company?