Residential Solar Installation

Solar Power: Your Electric Bill’s Worst Nightmare

If you're a homeowner and live in Illinois, Rethink Electric is ready to give your home solar power. The upfront cost of making the switch to solar is quickly alleviated by month after month of reduced electricity bills and current incentives. Here’s how it works.

Saving Hundreds on Your Power Bill: A 4-Step Process

1. Free Consultation

One of our solar consultants will get in touch with you and answer any questions you have about installing solar on your home. We then assess your power bill and the available space to install solar panels on your home. 

2. System Design

Every house is different, and thus, everyone’s needs are different. After assessing your property and electrical needs, we accurately size and design your system (important note: at this point, you still have not paid a dime for our services).

We educate you on what would be best for your situation, taking all rebates, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and tax incentives into consideration. Our designs include everything so that all you have to do is brag to your neighbors about your amazing investment. Everything from permitting fees to frequent status updates are included–we'll make sure you are comfortable with the whole process. You will always have one dedicated Rethink Electric contact person to help you throughout the entire process, and they will keep you up-to-date on all progress.

3. Installation

Our residential North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) are solar panel installers who are highly qualified, educated, and upstanding citizens of the community. At Rethink Electric, we require continuing education classes to ensure our practitioners keep up-to-date on the latest products and processes.

During this step, our professional crew installs your system as safely and efficiently as possible. The equipment we use is the best quality, making it a cinch to do it right the first time.

4. Inspections

Once your system is approved, you'll see the dollars flying off your bill. Start thinking about what you can do with all the money you save. With solar panel installation from Rethink Electric, a diminished power bill is a reality.

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