How you Save Money by Going Solar in Illinois

Save Money by Going Solar - Rethink Electric

Whether you are a new home-owner, approaching retirement, an investor, or a building contractor, solar panels deliver significant financial benefits.

Save Money on Your Utility Bill by Going Solar

Being an owner of your energy generation protects you against utility rate hikes. You lock in a fixed price through a low interest solar loan or by paying for your system upfront. Utility electric rates have historically increased an average of 3-5%.  When you also consider the effect of inflation over time, the total you pay for solar now may protect you from having to spend more later.

Save money on your utility bill with solar panels

Once Your System Pays for Itself you Generate Electricity at No Cost

Once your solar pv system has payed for itself, the investment continues to provide electricity at no further cost! Solar panels are warrantied for 25 years and are expected to last even longer than that.  On average, .5% of the panels efficiency can be lost per year, which means after 25 years a system may be about 87.5% of it’s original efficiency.  Panels have been recorded operating over 30 years without any loss in efficiency.

Increase the Value of Your Home or Commercial Property

Studies have shown that properties retain the value of a solar pv system such that after having paid off a system and benefited from savings on your utility bill, your home’s value is increased by a significant portion of the initial system cost. A Forbes article cites 97% return on investment for solar pv systems which is remarkable considering the savings that can incur by through residential solar panel installation.  For these reasons, homes with pv systems also sell faster than non-solar homes.

Your power can be generated on your own roof while raising your property value.  Paying for a system upfront offers the greatest returns and low interest solar loans offer accessible financing that enables homeowners and businesses pay off their system while saving money on their utility bill.  Get your FREE solar consultation and estimate today and learn about our great financing options with Rethink Electric.

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