Solar Power for Builders

Advantage: You

The benefits of solar power are easy to understand, but the actual process of converting to solar is a little harder to comprehend. That’s why Rethink Electric offers the Solar For Builders, Made Simple turnkey program. As a builder, you get the following solar services from us:

  • Sales Team Training and Marketing Support
  • Plan Set and Engineering Design
  • City Permitting and Utility Applications and Interface
  • Trade Coordination and Quality System Installation
  • Inspection and Commissioning
  • Warranty and Customer Service
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Bulk pricing

Builders across America—including you—have begun to realize the advantage solar electric systems provide their businesses and communities. It’s our job at Rethink Electric to make switching to solar an easy process. We’re here to help you design and install a solar power system that will perform well and integrate renewable energy generation seamlessly with the look of your building and the feel of the surrounding community. 

If you’re looking to integrate the benefits of solar power in future building projects, Rethink Electric is ready to lend a hand. To get more information, all you have to do is email Mike with the subject line “Solar Made Simple.”