About Rethink

We install solar systems

Rethink Electric is a solar panel installer for residential and commercial properties, 100% dedicated to rethinking the way electrical power is delivered. We do the job right for projects of any scope, resulting in a solar system that saves money, guarantees energy independence, and makes the planet a little happier.

Our team has decades of experience in the electrical trade, and they approach their work at Rethink Electric with integrity and passion. Below, you can read more about us and how we caught the solar energy bug.

Mike Nicolosi

Mike has been designing and installing solar for over a decade. He has installed everything from 1 kilowatt educational systems for elementary schools to 14.5 megawatt systems for the Air Force. Doesn't matter if it's off-grid or utility scale; he is a sun wrangler at heart.

Josh Richardson

Josh is our Energy Consultant. He loves to educate about solar, whether you want to understand it as a financial investment or want to give our planet a big hug. He will ensure you have the tools to feel confident and comfortable before making your decision.

The Install Team

Our installers shine above the competition. We take every precaution to protect your house from roof to rhododendron. The Rethink crew will ensure your installation is a pleasure and leave you with a smile on your face. They pride themselves in keeping up-to-date in the latest technologies with training, trade shows, and seminars. Our install team is filled with trend spotters and standard setters.