Wheaton, IL

7.8KW solar array

> 24 x Panasonic 325 watt solar modules
24 x Solaredge optimizers
1 x Solaredge 7.6 KW inverter

We built a south facing solar array on the back of this craftsman style house. This homeowner requested that the array not be visible from the front of the house. Vents in the middle of the roof required us to build the upside down U shape in order to avoid those obstacles and the shade they created while achieving a symmetrical look. Producing over 11KWh of power a year, this system will offset 100% of the family energy needs and adds an aesthetic that suits our customer’s preferences.

Joliet, IL

9.3KW solar array

30 x LG 310 watt solar modules
30 x Solaredge optimizers
1 x Solaredge 7.6KW inverter

This is a sweet south-facing array with no trees in the back of a two-story home in unincorporated Joliet.  Vents, plumbing stacks, and two skylights posed a few design constraints.  We filled in the roof with as many panels as could fit between those obstacles, offsetting 96% of the customer’s electric bill.

Plainfield, IL

8.5KW solar array

34 x Hyundai 250 watt PV module
> 34 x Enphase M215 micro inverters

This retired couple has no more power bills! The array faces the street, which prompted us to go to the homeowners association for their approval. The state of Illinois protects homeowner's rights to install solar on their property and conversations with the homeowner's association led to interest in future projects.

Elburn, IL

10.26KW solar array

36 x Solarworld 285 watt ALL BLACK solar modules
> 36 x Solaredge optimizers
1 x Solaredge 11.4KW inverter

The homeowner built this custom home with solar in mind. The wires enter the house under the top panel and make their way through the attic to the inverter located in the garage. With 98% of their electricity bill offset by these two pyramid arrays, this home has plenty of roof to spare.

Wheaton, IL

2.6KW solar array

8 x Panasonic 325 watt solar modules
8 x Solaredge optimizers
1 x Solaredge 3KW inverter

As a big advocate for solar in the Chicagoland area, this homeowner decided to go solar after making every energy efficiency improvement that made sense for them. They now have a very small demand for power and are enjoying 98% of their electricity being produced from just eight Panasonic 325 watt solar modules.

Oswego, IL

10.92KW solar array

42 x Canadian Solar 260 watt solar modules
42 x Solaredge optimizers
1 x Solaredge 10KW inverter

Forty-two Canadian Solar 265 watt panels are installed with a southern orientation at this solar oasis in the country. This rancher now sees 100% of his energy offset through the solar array on his barn’s metal roof.