10 Interesting Facts about Solar Power Energy

10 Interesting Solar Facts - Rethink Electric Blog

#1 Solar is Earth’s Most Abundant Energy Source

That’s right! Thanks to the sun, here on Earth the most abundant and renewable source we have is solar power energy. According to science, every hour, enough solar energy is created to take care all of humanity for one year. Unbelievable. It’s a shame that all of that raw power is not being fully captured. Thanks to the sun we could all be living clean and living green. We are excited for the future!

#2 Solar Energy is the Future

Solar is by far the most popular form of new electricity. It’s flexible, clean, and the most affordable long-term. The cost of solar has fallen dramatically in the last decade. As with any technology, when new breakthroughs hit the market, increased efficiency & lower costs occur. Sooner than you think, the price of solar power energy will be unbeatable. Fossil fuel is the past, solar is the future!

#3 Solar Creates NO Pollution

Solar is the cleanest form of renewable energy. Period. There is no unfortunate byproduct (toxic pollution?) like what fossil fuels create. When creating energy, solar does not produce air or water pollution. Nor any greenhouse gases of any kind. Since solar panels have no moving parts, solar is also noise pollution free as well. Think of what the impact on our world. What if all things toxic and fossil fuel died out and was replaced with solar?!?

#4 Solar Power Energy….for your Health!

The many environmental benefits of solar energy are obviously clear. It’s easy to forget the health benefits associated with solar. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that solar power energy results in fewer chronic bronchitis cases. Along with less respiratory & cardiovascular problems, as well. Not only can it heal the world, solar reduces your carbon footprint. It improves the health of you and everyone around you. The choice is obvious.

#5 No Source of Electricity is as Durable or Quick to Implement

Presently, no other source of electricity can be quickly transported and built. When disaster strikes, no other source of electricity can be repaired as replaced as quickly. Photo voltaic panels are generally warrantied for 25 years. Some systems can make it to 30 years (but may operate with reduced efficiency due to degradation). Therefore, no moving parts with solar means 2-3 decades of operation is very realistic. When it comes to repairing solar, no other energy source even compares. Due to it’s plug and play nature, you can easily swap out damaged panels, inverters, cables, etc.

#6 You Can Power Your ENTIRE Home or Business

Yes, you can. If you are energy conscious enough. Therefore you will need to audit all aspects of your energy consumption before diving in. It’s smart to ask yourself some important questions:

  • What is your current energy consumption like?
  • How is the available sunlight on the property or where the panels will be installed?
  • Can you install the panels to be the most optimized in regards to the sun’s path? 
  • How can you be sure you have enough space or enough panels to make this work

Let the solar energy experts at Rethink Electric answer all of the many questions you may have. We have been installing solar for our residential and commercial clients throughout Illinois since 2014. Contact us today!

#7 Solar Power Energy LOWERS Your Electric Bills

Since 1977, the costs of panels have dropped 99%. Amazing, but what does that mean? It means solar is now cheaper than fossil fuels. Solar allows you the freedom to erase your electric bill. Depending on your scenario, you can at least reduce your monthly payment so dramatically that it is no longer a budgeting factor. Subsequently, over this same time period you can believe fossil fuel’s rates will go up. In truth, do they ever go down? Protect yourself from rising utility costs and have Rethink Electric install a system at your home or business. Consequently, you will never need to worry about rising monthly electricity rates ever again.

#8 Solar Systems have Great Warranties

Most solar systems come with a 25-year warranty. How is that possible? With no moving parts, high quality solar panels are durable & quite reliable under various weather conditions. For this reason, if easily and properly cared for, panels may NEVER need repairs or further maintenance at all for the entire 2-3 decades you own them. At Rethink Electric we know all about solar warranties.

#9 Solar Increases the Value of Your Home

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory states that solar panels increase a home’s value with an average of about $14,000. In addition, homes & properties with solar also sell for 3-4% MORE than comparable properties with no solar.

#10 You Don’t Have to Purchase Panels Outright

Like just about anything these days, you can lease a solar panel system that is right for your setup. Cash strapped businesses or individuals might want to go this route.

Contact Rethink Electric today and we can answer any questions about installing solar in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. In conclusion, please consider us your solar power energy experts!

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